The heirloom restyle creations take into account the history and heart of each piece. I enjoy hearing the stories and sentiment behind each item, and I’m honored to be trusted with such special pieces. As a sentimental person myself, I feel privileged to be a part of restoring and recreating an heirloom piece that will continue to be cherished for generations.

Heirloom Restyles

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"Bethany is a magician! I showed up to her about 9 months before my wedding with my grandmother’s 1950s wedding dress in a trash bag. She took a very yellow, discolored and so so fragile dress and washed the fabric until it was IVORY. It was incredible and I honestly didn’t think it was salvageable. She used the lace from the dress to create an heirloom veil that will be special to me and my family for generations. My grandmother passed before we were married and it was all that more special to have her wrapped around me on my wedding day. Don’t hesitate to take your project to Bethany!"

"I feel so lucky to live in a city that has it's very own vintage veil expert! After finding an antique cathedral length lace veil on Etsy, I needed help to make it realistically wearable. Bethany at August Veils brought my vision to life. She reshaped the internal structure to sit properly on my head and frame my face. She also installed sturdy clips. Despite the weight of such a long & dramatic veil, it was comfortable & didn't budge at all. Most importantly, Bethany was extremely professional and thorough. She patiently taught me how to put on the veil and store it correctly. Her skill and guidance made what was initially an intimidating accessory into a totally wearable and show stopping part of my wedding outfit."