Adrianne fell in love with a gown but wished to have a lace veil that matched, so she worked with the bridal shop to order lace appliques from the gown designer.  Once they arrived, Adrianne and I met to discuss what size and shape veil she would like, and how she might like the lace applied to the gown.  She opted to have the lace go all the way around the edge but stop at fingertip length so it wouldn't compete with her beautiful lace sleeves.  

My process is to evaluate the lace appliques, trim them into smaller more useable pieces, and design an arrangement around the edge of the veil.  Often once the lace has been pinned in place, we will have another appointment to make sure that the bride is happy with the placement and design of the veil.  From there we can make changes or move forward with final application of the lace onto the veil.  

The final reveal!  I love creating these custom veils because it's always a new challenge.  Never once have I made the same custom veil, there is always something unique about the lace and/or the bride's preference.  These are some of my favorite projects!

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Adrianne: custom veil